George Binakis Is Committing Fraud. Is Brother Patrick Binakis His Lawyer?


Fraud Against The Elderly

We're puzzled why lawyer Patrick Binakis is telling different stories to different people inquiring about his brother George, principal of Bespoke Contracting and Design Inc., who committed serious fraud against elderly victims in NYC. Is this behavior revealing something untoward? Is he trying to protect himself and/or his brother?

This is a despicable tale of how a 72 year old New York City woman was victimized by George Binakis for over $65,000 in a contractor fraud con in the summer of 2019. She had commissioned George to renovate her condo on New York City's Upper West Side. Because she is a trusting person by nature, George was able to convince her that he was an honest and earnest person who could be trusted to look after her property and interests.

Set Her Up For Sympathy

He set her up for sympathy by repeatedly mentioning to her that he suffered a heart ailment that warranted a pace maker - and there were mentions of other health related issues.  The last time that she spoke with him, George did not sound well, in fact he made a point of sounding uncomfortably ill. This set the stage for his disappearance - and when he stopped responding to calls, emails and texts, she was convinced he had either died or was gravely ill in some hospital intensive care unit. Friends and family members began suggesting that George might be conning her, but she resolutely refused to believe it and continued to defend George to them.

Patrick Binakis Hangs Up On The Victim

She finally reached out to his brother, lawyer Patrick Paraskivas Binakis merely to ask how George was doing, expecting to hear the worst. But to her surprise, Patrick said he had no contact with his own brother George and when she in passing mentioned the money, Patrick hung up on her. This was stunning and the first inkling that things were fishy. Her son in law called Patrick and he hung up on him immediately when George was mentioned, but on a subsequent call Patrick said that he had little contact with George - a slightly different story. But when the victim's cabinet maker called Patrick told him that George was getting better - a third story and this plus the extremely rude treatment she received at the hands of Patrick lead the victim to wonder if Patrick was involved in the scam. Why else would he try to hide his relationship with his brother? And why the need to make up different stories? Although there was no direct evidence of Patrick's involvement in the fraud, his behavior was suggesting he was at least aware of some malfeasance and was possibly involved with it. She felt that certainly any effort to shield George from accountability for his crimes was incriminating by itself

Be On The Lookout

In retrospect, there were some other signs that things were not kosher. George had a contracting business yet he requested checks be made out to him, personally. Those checks were not cashed in NYC, but rather in Richmond, Virginia. George claimed he needed the money because he had already paid advances to several subcontractors who later denied receiving any advances.

Share Your Experience

Eventually she learned that there were other victims of George's fraud. And there are likely many others. If you or anyone you know has been victimized by George Binakis, the publishers of this post would like to help you publicize your story in the hopes that it may inspire others to come forward and that George may be held accountable. Go to or to read a more complete accounting of this fraud, and fill out the form. You don't have to reveal anything personal other than the fact that you were a victim of George Binakis.